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Branson City Hall

Branson Municipal Court

If you are ticketed in the city of Branson by a Branson police officer, you are likely headed to Branson Municipal Court. This court is located at 110 W. Maddux St. in Branson, Missouri at City Hall. If you do not have an attorney, (which we do not recommend) your court date will be on a Wednesday, and it could take hours to get to you.  If you hire an attorney, your court date will change to the third Tuesday of the month.  Your attorney will tell you if you need to attend; often your attendance is not necessary if you are represented in Branson Municipal Court.  (Taney County Circuit Court is another story entirely).

The Prosecutor for Branson Municipal is William Duston, who also acts as the City Attorney, advising and representing the city, board of alderman, and mayor on official city business.

The Judge for Branson Municipal Court is Thomas Motley, who runs a private practice in Branson dealing primarily with civil law when he is not acting as judge. 

In Branson Municipal court, most offenses result in fines, community service, probation, or suspended imposition of sentence.