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Tany County Courthouse

Taney County Circuit Court

Taney County Courthouse is located in Forsyth, Missouri, NOT Branson.  Showing up to Branson Municipal Court when you are scheduled to be in Forsyth could result in a warrant for your arrest if you don't get to Forsyth on time. It is specifically located at 266 Main St. 

Be sure to turn your cell phone off when going to court here.  The judges do not take kindly to cell phones ringing while court is happening. Additionally, be prepared to remove your belt and any metal objects from your person when entering the building as you will have to go through a metal detector.

A word of warning about Taney County Circuit Court: It is busy. Thursdays are especially busy and if you do not have an attorney or you are represented by the public defender's office and are scheduled to be there at 9:00 am, expect to be there until after lunch.  If you do have an attorney, it is no guarantee that you will be done sooner, but the judges here typically like to get the private attorneys out of the courtroom first.

If you are in criminal trouble and are appearing for the first time, you will likely be in front of Judge Tiffany Yarnell.  Her courtroom is on the second floor, all the way at the end of the hallway. Judge Yarnell is a former Taney County Assistant Prosecutor.

If you are dealing with a family law issue, (divorce, adoption, modification, etc.) you will likely be going to see Judge Eric Eighmy on the second floor, first courtroom on the left after you get up the stairs. Judge Eighmy was in private practice in Taney County for many years preceding his election in 2014.

For civil law issues, or if you are charged with a felony and have either lost or waived the preliminary hearing, you are going to the second floor, the second courtroom for Judge Tony Williams.  Judge Williams was the Associate Circuit Court Judge for many years prior to his election to the Circuit Judge position in 2016.

The prosecutor in Taney County is named Jeff Merrell, and his assistant prosecutors are Shana Mora, Thomas Kondro, Tony Brown and Christopher Lebeck.