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How Do I Protect My Credit During My Divorce?

Getting divorced can be very stressful, which can make it easy to lose track of the many things you need to handle throughout your case. One thing that we have seen clients overlook is their credit score. Married couples often share credit card accounts, and when you separate from your spouse, it is crucial that you make sure your credit score is protected.

If you are worried that your ex might ruin your credit by racking up debt, you need to take the following steps:

  • Take your name off of any bank accounts you share with your ex.
  • Pay off and close all of the joint credit cards you have with your ex.
  • If you own a home together, sell it and split the profits.
  • If your spouse is given the home as part of the divorce settlement, you need to make sure they refinance the mortgage in their name. Your credit score can be affected if your name is still on the mortgage and your ex misses payments.
  • Prior to your divorce, you should run a credit check to see which accounts are still in your name. You should also check for any incorrect information in your credit report. Make sure you report any errors you come across in your report. After your divorce is finalized, request another credit report to double check your information.

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