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Guardianships When You Need Someone on Your Side

Guardianship Lawyers in Taney County

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If your loved one is unable to take care of themselves, reach out to the Garrett Law Firm right away. Backed by years of experience, our Taney County guardianship lawyers are deeply familiar with Missouri guardianship laws. We also have a lengthy track record of success, and we know what it takes to win. You can rely on us to help you make well-informed decisions about your loved ones and future as we navigate you through the legal process.

What Is Legal Guardianship in Missouri

If someone is unable to care for themselves, a court may appoint a guardian to take care of their ward’s healthcare, legal, financial, and other decisions. A ward can be an incapacitated adult that can’t take care of themselves, or a minor whose parents can’t care for them.

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How to Obtain a Guardianship in Missouri

First, you will need to get a Petition for Appointment of a Guardian and Conservator from the circuit court in the county where your proposed ward resides. Depending on whether the proposed ward is an incapacitated adult or a child, there are different petitions. Next, you will need to fill out and sign the petition. Make sure to get at least several copies of the petition. Afterward, you will need to deliver the petition to the court clerk and bring one copy of the petition to the local sheriff’s office.

If the ward is an incapacitated adult, at this point, you will submit interrogatories to their treating physician to prove that the ward is incapacitated. Interrogatories are written questions that need to be answered under oath. If the physician lies on the interrogatories, they could be charged with perjury. Once the physician fills out the interrogatories, make sure you deliver them to the court clerk. Once the court receives them, the court will schedule a hearing. If the ward is a child, gather evidence showing that the minor’s parents are unwilling or unable to care for them or that the ward is not in the care of their parents.

Then, you will need to attend the hearing, in which:

  • You have to prove that the ward is an incapacitated adult, or they are a minor not in the care of their parents.
  • The court may ask you questions about your fitness to be a guardian, as well as about your background.
  • More than one hearing may be necessary.

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The court will issue an order that establishes your guardianship over your ward if your petition gets approved. The process of obtaining a guardianship is lengthy, complicated, and often confusing. At The Garrett Law Firm, our guardianship attorneys in Taney County can guide you through each stage and ensure your rights are always fully protected. We are dedicated to helping you achieve all your family law goals.

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