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Felony Offense When You Need Someone on Your Side

Taney County Felony Offense Attorney

Advocating for Your Due Process Rights

Person in prisonBeing charged with a criminal offense can lead to severe consequences. When someone is charged with a felony offense, the potential outcome can be even more dire. A felony charge is the most severe class of criminal offense a person can face. A defendant who is successfully convicted for a felony crime will not only incur steep criminal fines but can be incarcerated in prison for several years depending on the severity of the charges.

If you have been confronted with charges for a felony offense, you should contact an experienced felony offense attorney in Taney County for legal representation. At The Garrett Law Firm, we have years of experience defending people against felony offenses. Our legal team is dedicated to employing effective criminal defense strategies to ensure the court and the prosecution gives your constitutional right to a fair trial due respect.

To speak with a knowledgeable Taney County felony offense attorney, call The Garrett Law Firm at (417) 221-4113 today.

Felony Classifications in Missouri

Felonies are particularly serious offenses that are punishable by incarceration for one year or more. Missouri recognizes five felony classes based on the severity of the harm that results from certain crimes. Under Section 559.016 of Missouri’s Revised Statutes, felony crimes warrant a probation term of one to five years.

Pursuant to Section 558.011 of Missouri’s Revised Statutes, prison terms are organized according to the following felony classes:

  • Felony Class A – Ten (10) to thirty (30) years. Class A felonies include first-degree murder and first-degree robbery.
  • Felony Class B – Five (5) to fifteen (15) years. Class B felonies include voluntary manslaughter and first-degree burglary.
  • Felony Class C – Three (3) to ten (10) years. Class C felonies include involuntary manslaughter and certain drug crimes.
  • Felony Class D – Up to seven (7) years. Class D felonies include third-degree domestic assault and fraud.
  • Felony Class E – Up to four (4) years. Class E felonies include criminally negligent DWI and some drug offenses.

Effective Defense Counsel from Our Taney County Felony Offense Attorneys

The consequences of receiving a felony conviction are not restricted to the punishments outlined by Missouri’s statutes. A felony convict also suffers collateral consequences that can impact their ability to find gainful employment, obtain home loans, and maintain stable social relationships with friends and family. Given the stakes involved with felony offense charges, it is in your best interest to consult a skilled Taney County felony offense lawyer from The Garrett Law Firm. Our legal team can give you the edge you need to defend against felony charges so your due process rights aren’t trampled on.

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