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Family Law

Divorce, child custody, protection orders, modifications, and other family law cases can be the the most difficult thing one ever experiences. The choices made during litigation will affect the rest of your life and the relationship you have with your family. The Garrett Law Firm is committed to not only your legal representation by handling cases ranging from divorce, modification, and paternity to adoption, grandparents rights, and protective orders, but your future wellbeing by helping you make decisions that will benefit you the most. Click the contact us link above or call us for a consultation with a family law attorney that will fight for your family. 


Driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated is a serious crime in Missouri.  A guilty plea here can mean fines, jail time, the loss of your license, and even more. The police and prosecutor's office would have you believe that the tests conducted at your traffic stop and at the police station are 100% scientifically valid.  This is not always the case. At The Garrett Law Firm, we know the science behind the tests and can help ensure that you are not intimidated into pleading guilty.


One of the biggest problems in our legal system today is the neverending string of defendants that instantly plead guilty to the crimes they have been charged with, regardless of the charges' veracity.  This is not necessary!  You have rights and we know how to fight for them. We handle all types of criminal charges at The Garrett Law Firm, from traffic and speeding tickets to more serious crimes.  Your Constitutional rights do not end when you are arrested.  Click the contact us link above to schedule your free consultation with a criminal defense attorney today.


Whether you have been injured in a car wreck or other automobile or boat accident, a "slip and fall", or otherwise hurt by someone's action or inaction, we can help.  You have rights and may be entitled to compensation for your injuries that the insurance companies will not tell you about.  Click the contact us link above or call for a free consultation with a personal injury attorney.


Why include courts when you don't have to?  The cost of attorneys, court fees, and the discovery process can seriously impact the cost of your dispute.  There is another way.  In a court case, there is usually a winner and a loser.  At The Garrett Law Firm, our trained mediator can help you and the other party in dispute reach a solution that both sides are happy with, where both sides win, without the added costs of litigation.  Whether it is a civil dispute, employment dispute, or even a divorce, our mediator can help you reach an equitable result you can be happy with. Call for a consultation and get ready to help us help you solve your own problem.

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